Friday, November 29, 2013

Law Spelled Out

Thanksgiving is done, but we are still thankful, as our kiddo is enjoying her first weekend without homework since third grade began. Given the sheer amount of work this year, we consider four schoolwork-free days for her, with nothing due on Monday, to be a national holiday miracle.

This was EJ's spelling list for this past week, based on the book, Holes, which her third-grade class has been reading for a few months, and which she has really enjoyed.

Notice the pattern? Fugitive. Recapture. Detainees. Jurisdiction. Pursuant. Incarcerated.

I know that these all make sense based on the context of the book, and yet, I can't help but imagine that the reason my kid has has so much homework this year is that her class is secretly filming a new series of Law & Order during school hours, and they are just making up all their academic work at night.  

Law & Order: Elementary Division could bring some Sherlock Holmes fans over from CBS if they get confused with the title.

Law & Order: Academic Crimes could help sell (or tank, depending on the sponsors) common core adoption.

Law & Order: Chicago Recruitment could highlight a whole new strategy in the fight against crime in our city: simply merge CPS and CPD, and raise tiny crimefighters from the start.

Whatever they are doing at school learning to neutralize inexplicable detainees, I hope they are union.

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