Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The top headline in the online version of the Chicago Tribune this morning was this: "Chicago bracing for yet another round of snow." Yeah, more snow is coming, starting at rush hour, ending sometime before July 4th. There's no where left to put all of this, so I'll just expect to dig a tiny tunnel tomorrow to leave my condo, and call it a day. No bracing for snow around here. Winter, you've worn me down. Feel free to just bury me completely, just give me time to find some scuba gear to wait out the thaw.

I am bracing, however, for two pressing Tuesday events:

  1. We are getting our piano tuned today after (oh my gosh, I am so horribly ashamed) YEARS of not having tuned. That should be interesting. I just can't listen to EJ practice anymore with it so out of whack. The tuner seems really kind, so hopefully I won't get too long of a lecture about piano maintenance.
  2. I am getting insistent again about fruit and veg for after-school snack. EJ has gotten more and more dubious about eating grapes or apples when we have had polar vortex leftovers and baked goods laying around, which makes her just like everyone else in the Midwest. We are all just going to have to pretend like eating fresh, raw fruits and vegetables is what sounds appealing when it is freezing, and our minds tell us, "None of this stuff is growing, just look outside." Don't worry, the kid has had nutritious meals, it's just time for another "let's look at our snack choices" campaign. I am rarely hungry when she comes home and has snack, but a few days of eating fruit/veg alongside her should do the trick. It always does. The first day is always a protest, even if the fruits and veg are her favorites. No one likes to be told what to eat.
I'm up for these challenges, and even though they might feel yuck-o in the moment, I'm excited to see the results. What's on your bracing list today?

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