Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Remember Me Honestly

The longer I live with my family, the more convinced I am that my obituary will read,

"Throughout her life, Ms. Lusignan picked up tens of thousands of socks."

Another key point might be,

"When faced with a difficult situation, her first response was always the same: coffee."

As for the heroic, idealized finish, how about this:

"Kori Lusignan was a courageous woman, as evidenced by her survival of the Chicago winter of 2013-2014, known to us metaphorically as the 'first horseman' of the catastrophic climate change we now experience. As a response to that winter, Ms. Lusignan showed tremendous fortitude and creativity, spending the rest of her life moving from place to place to capture the best weather conditions, while pioneering innovative virtual working practices with each relocation. She never missed an opportunity to share a loving word of caution about snow and ice with young people."

This stuff writes itself, I swear. Let's put it in the vault for another 60 years, give or take a few, and we'll be all set.

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