Thursday, January 30, 2014

Negative Freezing

If you had been walking down the icy back steps with EJ and I yesterday morning, this is what you might have overheard:

Me: "EJ, where are your gloves? I told you hat-gloves-scarf when we left, and you said you had everything."

EJ: "They are in my pockets. I'm good."

Me: "It is going to get a little warmer today, but it is still really, really cold out."

EJ: "Mom, I really only need gloves for sure if it is negative freezing."

Me: "What?"

EJ: "Negative freezing. You know how freezing is 32 degrees? Negative freezing is -32 degrees. It was negative freezing when they cancelled school, but today it just going to be normal freezing."

Me: "Hon, it's not going to get over 20 degrees. That is still below freezing, and very cold."

EJ: "Yeah, but it just below freezing, not below negative freezing. I'm good!"

Me: "But you are keeping your hands in your pockets."

EJ: "It's cold, Mom. My hands stay warm there."

Me (under my breath): "Right next to your gloves."


  1. So funny. And this is why my kids are going to look like total wimps next to your kid. Did it actually hit 32 below there?

    1. The temps without windchill were -15, with windchill -30 to -40. I think those were the lowest? I lost track once it just got ridiculous.

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