Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Busy Sunday

Somehow, in the thoughtful arrangement of our individual schedules, we have ended up with a busy Sunday almost every week. We don't have many standard family commitments, aside from church and CCD, but things always fill in the gaps. School meetings. Deadlines. Kid get-togethers. Book club. None of it is bad, or even stuff we don't want to do (save for those deadlines), but all of it together makes for a restless day of rest. Even with an extra hour of sleep thanks to "fall back," the theme of today's Sunday was "tiring."

On paper it is so easy to say, "Set limits! Say no! Protect your family time! Take care of yourself, first." Life collides with all of those good intentions, though, and sometimes the best you can do is try to carve out 30 minutes of breathing room, and acquiesce that you may need to simply order take-out. 

So as I type this, fresh from a school meeting, which was preceeded by a deadline, which came after a youth group pancake breakfast, which followed a special church performance (Fauré's Requiem, so fantastic), which we drove to from our regular church after the kiddo attended CCD, I'm grateful to have one half-an-hour to write on my blog, sort the mail, throw the tennis ball for our puppy, and wait for chicken korma to arrive. It is the best I can do to fulfill the "peace be with you" I received hours earlier, and I'm taking it.

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  1. Sundays are so hard when the kids are growing up!! Oy.
    Grab that peace when you can!